Challenge Andre

Welcome to my Challenge Page:

My Host in Boston infected me with a fantastic idea that a Surfer of his did. That's the system:

You give me a challenge by E-Mail ( and set a reward (Payment depends on challenge, in cash when we meet or via Paypal). It could be something funny, complicated but should be realistic and not dangerous. It also could be something that i have to do in the future when I visit another country. Check Steve's website for inspiration:

So here is my First Challenge:


Hi man! I give you twenty bucks if you sing the Melody of my composition "Estampas Mexicanas Elizondo" with a group (at least 2) in front of something really remarkable!
This challenge has no time Limit!

Reward: 20US-$
Status: Done. At the Christo in Rio!


I give you 15€ if you sing the german national hymne in front of a random parlament.

Reward: 15€
Status: pending...