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Jo Taylor

1. Where are you originally from (country and city)?

New Plymouth, New Zealand. 

2.  Do you currently live in the same place where you were born?


3. What do you do for a living?

I’ve worked for years in the media and communications. Currently looking at integrating that into my lifestyle!  

4. What kind of traveler do you think you are?


5. What is important for you while traveling and why are you traveling?

The sense of living in the moment. There’s discovery and exploration of yourself as well as the world around you. There’s also the enjoyment of meeting cool people. I’m a mountain biker, which is a great way to experience the outdoors, and if it’s tied in with travel and good company, that’s the icing on the cake. 

6. What kind of travel advice would you give others?

Just do it – take the first steps to make it happen. I’ve been surprised at how many men and women have approached me to say they’d like to do something I’ve done but wouldn’t have the nerve. We all have the nerve. Don’t overthink it – just do it and back yourself. 

7. What is your next mission/trip?

A bike tour through 14 countries in Europe, but that will rely on me selling my house in the next few weeks. Otherwise, a weekend of mountain biking in Rotorua, New Zealand. 

8. What is the best place you visited so far?

Do I have to pick just one?  

Perth, Australia, is beautiful, balmy and feels like home. San Francisco is fun, too, if you love to spend your time roaming. Prague was incredible in the winter – just the history and architecture. It was exciting to wander around in the cold, not knowing what would be around the next corner.   

Nepal, and Mutchilba (in Queensland, Australia) were both trippy – Nepal in part because of an unexpected (and at the time, daunting) journey carrying bikes through the snow up a mountain, and Mutchilba because it was so exotic. You’d pick mangoes during the day then jump on your bike and pedal out into the wilderness. It was like being at a zoo, only there were no “safe” areas around animal enclosures – we were in one giant expanse alongside them – snakes, kangaroos, cane toads, bats, wallabies, huge birds… you name it. Looks like the places I enjoyed most were the ones where I was terrified, haha! 

9. What is a place you want to visit in the future?

Too many to list! I just missed out on a Silk Route bike tour. Would love to do that, as well as ride through Europe. I’d also like to visit Machu Picchu (while listening to Machu Picchu by The Strokes!). And by all accounts Berlin is amazing 😉 

10. What is your favorite place in your home country that you would recommend to others?

I’d like to say my home province – Taranaki is a pretty region if you enjoy the outdoors. But if you’re a mountain biker (actually whatever you’re into), Queenstown and Rotorua are probably number one for entertainment.

11. Do you have any other tips or tricks based on your experience that you wish to share?

There is nothing wrong with wearing socks three days in a row  Seriously though, if you can leave room for spontaneity and flexibility, it brings real freedom in being able to follow your mood and your heart. And try new things. Travelling provides one of the best chances you’ll ever have to step outside of your comfort zone.



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