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Liubov Rabyk

1. Where are you originally from (country and city)?

Ukraine, Lviv.

2. Do you currently live in the same place where you were born?


3. What do you do for a living?

Working as a Buyer Support Specialist.

4. What kind of traveler do you think you are?

Open-minded, easy-going and friendly.

5. What is important for you while traveling and why are you traveling?

Good company  To see places that I only saw on my laptop screen, to visit country which cultures I admire and to experience it, to see it with my own eyes.

6. What kind of travel advice would you give others?

To keep your mind open to new experiences and to enjoy each day of your travels.

7. What is your next mission/trip?

Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine and Istanbul, Turkey.

8. What is the best place you visited so far?

Seoul, South Korea.

9. What is a place you want to visit in the future?


10. What is your favorite place in your home country that you would recommend to others?

Lviv 🙂

11. (If answer to Q2 is “No”) What is your favorite place in your current country that you would recommend to others?

Carpathian Mountains 😉

12. Do you have any other tips or tricks based on your experience that you wish to share?

If there are an opportunity to book trips to famous places online, do it, because there is always a chance that you can miss your opportunity.

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