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The Advantages of Weekend Traveling

I decided to write a small report about weekend traveling as I am a big fan of this kind of trips. Instead of seating at home and doing nothing special for the weekend, why not try to book a city trip somewhere else? By plane, train or even bus, most European cities are easily reachable and quite enjoyable for a short period of time. Ryanair or Easyjet, just to mention a few low cost carriers, offer different destinations for a cheap amount of money. So traveling for the 2-days does not have to cost a fortunate and you will get culturally smarter. Whatever your favourite scenery – city, nature, or an amusement park – this break will give you strength and energy to deal with the next 5-day-work-week (talking about a standard job) and a new perspective about your limitations. Many people think that a weekend away will make them more tired than restful, but in my experience I can say it is quite the opposite. I am more motivated, schedule organised, open minded, and I actually do believe that my time is too precious to be wasted in front a TV for example. The social component of talking to new people and experience situations outside of your comfort zone will open your horizons.

My recommendation, for those who wish to accept it, is to at least take a weekend per month, book a flight someplace a couple hours away (also do not waste time en route) and plan a relatively easy tour. A place close to your location is also fine. Do not concern yourself about seeing everything there is to see, second chances are always an option.

You are a tourist “without” time to spend but with many moments to live.

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