The Buddy Bear story

Have you wondered about the bear? Well let me introduce you my “Buddy Bear”!!!

Everything started when my dad gave me a Berlin bear (mascot of the city) as a gift just before my 1st world trip. He said: „Bring him back safely“, something that I did. Start of a long journey and story. Since that moment this little guy joined me for travels in more than 65 countries and will still be there for more travels in the future.

The family always by my side

Because he was a present of my father and buddy for such a long time, he reminds me about the fact, that my family is always on my side and gives me a feeling of home when I’m abroad. For that very personal and emotional reason “Buddy Bear” got the logo of my page. You will more than likely find him in various pictures on my page or in my Social Media’s.

Buddy Bear Hall of Fame collection

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