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Rita Santos

1. Where are you from (country and city)?

Hi! I’m from the Portuguese capital Lisbon.

2. Have you been born in the place you live?

No. I’ve actually been a suburbia girl since I was about 9, but my life (both social and professional) has been pretty much all in Lisbon.

3. What are you doing for living?

Now that’s a tricky one. Lol. I work in a not for profit association in the healthcare sector and I do everything you can imagine – assistance to the board of directors, social media manager, event organizer, etc, etc.

4. What kind of traveler do you think you are?

I never thought about that before but I’d like to think I’m a bit of an hybrid. I love history and visit temples and museums, but nowadays I’m looking forward to be more in touch with nature. Also because I know some of those places are very vulnerable and I may not be able to experience that ever again. Lastly I also love to experience the local gastronomy so there’s that.

5. What is important for you while traveling and why are you traveling?

The sense of wonder. I hope I never lose it. I guess I want to experience things! Places, people and cultures that are different from where I live, I also want to both relax and be entertained although not at any cost from me being there. Understand what I mean?

6. What kind of travel advice would you give others?

To be open. To try and not bring any prejudice. Also, lots and lots of sunscreen and be ready for weather variations. Essentially try not to make a mistake I’ve done several times. Lol.

7. What is your next mission/trip?

Scotland! I’ve had quite a few friends going there and one is actually from Glasgow so I’ve definitely heard a lot about it. Also the pictures are stunning and the scots seem very friendly. So yes… maybe in a few months.

8. What is the best place you visited so far?

I’d say Japan. Going there was a dream of mine since my mid-teens and that it is all I’ve imagined and more. However one the places that has surprised me the most is Vilnius, in Lithuania.

9. What is the place you want to visit in the future?

I’m going to cheat and say I’d go back to japan in a heartbeat but I’d also like to visit Southeast Asia, mainly the golden triangle countries. This blog has helped to build up the hype on those countries!

10. What is your favorite place in your home country that you would recommend to others?

I can’t say I have one favourite stop. Of course I’ll say I love my hometown (Lisbon), but depending on what time of the year I’d recommend the West Region comprised by Óbidos, Peniche, Caldas da Rainha, Bombarral and other cities that have a bit of everything I love about Portugal: great food (fish and meat), full of history (from roman occupation, to the French invasions etc), great architecture, beaches, etc.

11. Do you have any other tips or tricks based on your experience that you wish to share?

I wouldn’t really call it a tip but… If you want to travel accompanied PLEASE chose someone you have the upmost confidence in. If a place is beautiful but you’re mad about something on your partner the trip will not go well, if you go with a person that wants to do the exact opposite of you that will be a problem. I’m not saying to always be 100% aligned but your plan for the trip has to have things in common. 


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