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Berlin Ferries

Facts, Tickets and Tips

Official Ferries

  • There are 6 official Ferries operated by the BVG
  • F10 – S – Wannsee – Alt-Kladow, 20 minutes ride starting once an hour
  • F11 – Wilhelmsstrand – Baumschulenweg, 2 minutes ride starting every 10/20 minutes
  • F12 – Müggelbergallee – Wassersportallee, 2 minutes ride, every 10/20 minutes
  • F21 – Krampenburg – Große Krampe – Zum Seeblick, 14 minutes ride, every 60 minutes
  • F23 – Müggelwerderweg – Müggelhort – Neu Helgoland – Krugggasse, 25 minutes ride, every 60 minutes
  • F24 – Spreewiesen – Kruggasse, 5 minutes ride every 60 minutes


  • F10, F11, F12 run all year long
  • F21, 23 from March to October
  • F24 runs Weekend and Memorial days from March to October

Tickets & Tips

  • All ferries are included in an AB Metro Pass, for detailed information about tickets check the Metro article
  • F24 is Germanys only company operated rowing ferry and has space for 8 people, also bikes can be transported the 36m ride from “Spreewiesen to “Kruggasse”, where a transfer to the F23 ferry is possible. For a full report about this lovely part of Berlin check the “City Trips” section
  • Ferry F10 will bring you all the way over the “Wannsee” to peaceful Berlin-Kladow, offering a lovely promenade full of restaurants and beer-gardens. Full Report about this in the “City Trips” section
  • The “BVG Fahrinfo Plus” App i mentioned in the Metro article will also feature the ferry lines

Private Ferries

  • Beside the BVG ferries there are several companys running city and area tours
  • Biggest companies will be “Stern&Kreisschifffahrt”, “Reederei Bruno Winkler”, “Reederei Riedel”, “Berliner Wassertaxi”, but there are serveral other ones
  • Also there are options for charter boats, house boats, BBQ boats, Tipi-Boats, Canoe etc.


  • Due to wintertime most of the regular city and area tours run from March to about November/December
  • Still there are some Dinershow boats running

Tickets & Tips

  • The most popular tour in Berlin is the 1h city centre tour which i can’t recommend, as they do two times the same way up and down the river (about 12€)
  • Do the 3 hour bridge ride which is doing a loop through many areas of the city – it also passes everything that the 1h tours do (about 25€)
  • There are some full day tours with direction Köpenick area and Wannsee/Potsdam area. They are totally worth it if you know downtown Berlin already and want to explore the green outer areas of the city

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