Insanity has a name

General Facts

Population: 11 million, 26 million in metro

Founded: 6th century B.C.


  • Gigantic Airport of Indira Gandhi International can be reached from all over the planet, the AIrport Metro costs 60RS and goes to New-Delhi Railway Station – There you can change for the yellow line into the normal Metro system which has seperated prices
  • There is basically a busterminal for every direction (North, South, West, East)
  • New Delhi Railway Station and Delhi Junction (Old Delhi Station) and upcoming Anand Vihar station

Location: North India

Weather: Humid subtropical climate, average daily temperature is 25.1°C, winters are around 20°C in daytime, summer about 30°C, Winter is short from Dezember to January

My To-Do Tip:  Delhi is chaos on the streets. Even Tuk-Tuks are cheap, you can easy reach every attraction with the modern and fast Metro system. Rides are in between 20-30RS, so even with 2 or 3 people it’s cheaper and faster than a Tuk-Tuk – at least for longer distances. Also trains are mostly quiet empty.

My personal experience

We, Sara and me, came from Amsterdam by plane via Paris and landed in Delhi at 10 in the morning. After some confusion with Indian not working ATMs we went by Metro to the center and walked the rest 1.5km to the hostel on Ali Asaf Road, border to old Delhi, so it’s super chaotic. The beginning couldn’t be more stressful than this, but we made it and had an intense first experience of Indian street life.

In the evening we met Dorian, a very nice a guy from Atlanta, so we decided to explore Delhi together. With the Metro we went to the Red Fort (Lal Qila station) and made our way via G-Maps through the streets of Delhi to Jama Masjid. From there we got a bit lost in the backstreets of old Delhi, what was a very interesting thing to do.

Tip: Just get a bit lost in the backstreets of Old-Delhi. It might seem chaotic or dangerous, but it is totally fine, just use your common sense.

Tip2: Instead of paying the expensive Red Fort (650RS) better go on top of Jama Masjid (300RS). You will get a good view all over the city. Red Fort will not be the only Fort and for sure not the nicest in India.

Next stop was the Akshardham, the world’s biggest Hindu temple. Even entrance is free, the security to get in is insane. There is literally everything forbidden except your body and clothes – including photos or anything that can do those. We needed 2 times to pass security and were joking already, that we should better go naked. Once we were in, everybody agreed that it is worth every second of hassle. To give you an impression how it looks, I took a photo from the close by metro stop (also Akshardham).

Later we checked out the area around India Gate. From Central Secretariat station it is a quiet nice walk along the park.

Please share your experiences, tips and tricks about Delhi in the comment section to help others!

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