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Fraser Island from Hervey Bay

75 miles of beach

The next place on our way to our Farm was a visit of the famous Fraser Island by bus tour. We decided to start this day trip from Hervey Bay. There is also the option to do some from Inskip. (Rainbow Beach). Basically it’s possible to explore the island on your own, as they have something like a road system, but you need a good 4×4 drive. If you just have a campervan you also need to do one of the 4×4 bus tours.

World Trip Berlin Tip: It should be also possible to just take the ferry, hike and camp on the island on camp grounds or in one of the resorts, but better inform about that as the island is huge and a nature protected area. At least we passed some camp grounds close to the lakes and there is Eurong, a little resort town. Hiking and camping on the island might be a cool option to visit the island for a longer period of time and save money for the expensive tours.

After passing the sandy island and having a swim in one of the lakes we reached the other side of the island where 75 mile beach is located at.

Please share your experiences, tips and tricks about the Fraser Island Area in the comment section to help others!

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