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Luan Rocha

1. Where are you from (country and city)?

Brasília – Distrito Federal – Brazil

2. Have you been born in the place you live?

Yes. I love the cerrado.

3. What are you doing for a living?

Software Developer.

4. What kind of traveler do you think you are?

It depends on whom I’m with. If I’m traveling alone I prefer to go to hostels and do a freer travel. If I have more people, I would do a little bit more planned travel to avoid a headache.

5. What is important for you while traveling and why are you traveling?

Meet the local people, places, culture and the real life of the places I go. 

Meet travellers, exchange ideas and experiences. 

Make new friends.

Have new experiences.

Be open to and understand new points of view AKA “Empty your teacup”.

Forget the stereotypes. We all want the same thing at the end.

Have fun.

6. What kind of travel advice would you give others?

All the things answered in the above question and the following ones.

If you’re alone, go to hostels.

Don’t forget the earplugs. If you’re in a hostel.

When booking: If the place doesn’t put the photo of the bathroom, probably is because it’s bad.

Don’t get stuck only in touristic places.

Be open to change plans and discover new places.

Have fun when things don’t go as planned.

Have fun, again.

7. What is your next mission/trip?

Visit my brother and cousin abroad.

8. What is the best place you visited so far?

That’s a hard question. Every place has it’s own “thing”.

I tend to prefer places on the beach.

9. What is the place you want to visit in the future?

I want to go to Asia or Oceania. 

10. What is your favorite place in your home country that you would recommend to others?

Brasília, but don’t stay only in the city. 

Go to the Paranoá Lake.

Go to the waterfalls in the nearby cities like Formosa(Salto do Itiquira), Pirenópolis(Cachoeira Bonsucesso), Chapada dos veadeiros(Parque Nacional da Chapada dos Veadeiros, Vale da Lua), Cavalcante (Cachoeira Santa Bárbara, Capivara) etc. 

The list of waterfalls in these places are huge, so I’ve mentioned only one or two.

The rest of the country is also really beautiful from north to south.

11. Do you have any other tips or tricks based on your experience that you wish to share?

Explore and be humble.



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