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Berliner Biermeile

Beer on the length of three metro stops

The “Berliner Biermeile” is a festival that happens once a year at the beginning of August. It offers over 2.500 beers from 90 countries on a 2.6km long stripe full of beer stalls and over 30 live stages. It lasts for 3 days on a weekend. An absolute must do for every beer drinker.

Tip: You can buy at the several points the “Probierkrug”, your own jug (0,2l) that you can refill for 2€ at every stall, so you can try lot of different beers for cheap. The Probierkrug itself costs 4,50€. As lot of beers are 1 or 2 euro more expensive without the jug, the price is relativized quickly.

Some impressions of the festival in pictures. Sorry about the quality, they were taken with my phone and I was drunken like hell.

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