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Daytrip to Potsdam Park Babelsberg

How to get to Potsdam Park Babelsberg from Berlin, what to see there and where to eat or have a beer. This guide will answer those question.

Park Sanssouci might be the most known castle parks in Berlin and Potsdam, but in my opinion Park Babelsberg can easily keep up with it’s famous brother. So, it should be on your list of day trips from Berlin.

How to get to Park Babelsberg from Berlin

Take the S7 towards „Potsdam Hauptbahnhof from any Berlin major station on the central east-west line such as Hauptbahnhof, Friedrichstraße, Alexanderplatz, Ostbahnhof, Zoologischer Garten, Charlottenburg, Lichtenberg or Ostkreuz. Exit at „Potsdam Babelsberg“ station. From there it’s about a kilometer walk to the entrance of the park.

Things to do in Park Babelsberg:

Potsdam’s Park Babelsberg is as huge as Park Sanssouci, so it offers a lot of space for a walk and can be even a bit hilly. A big advantage of Park Babelsberg is, that it’s located at the wide Havel river, which could make the impression to be a lake at first. On a nice sunny summer day you can visit  the public beach bath (Stadtbad Park Babelsberg) or use some of the various free smaller beaches along the river for a cooling swim. Beside that, Park Babelsberg offers a number of historic places to visit:

  • Flatowturm
  • Gerichtslaube
  • Siegessäule
  • Schloss Babelsberg
  • Dampfmaschinenhaus

Where to eat or have a beer:

There are not many options for eating, as it’s a protected area and UNESCO site. Still, there are some:

  • The beach bath: It offers a small, basic place to eat
  • Kleines Schloss Babelsberg: The smaller castle at the park was redesigned to a restaurant and beer garden and offers a wonderful athmosphere for food, beer or just a coffee.
  • Wartmanns Café: My favorite place here for eating and the perfect german beer garden athmosphere
Park Sanssouci swimming in the havel river

How to get back to Berlin:

This depends on where you end up. If you follow this guide you might finish your visit at Wartmanns Café. In this case you are better of walking towards the nearest bus stop what is „Schloss Glienecke“. This is already in Berlin, so you would just need the cheaper AB ticket to return.

If you are not going this far into the park it can be senseful to go back to where this guide startet: The Babelsberg station. The third option is to take the ferry called „Potsdamer Wassertaxi“ towards Potsdam center. The peer is easy to identify on Google Maps. In this case you have the option to enjoy this very pretty city after your time in the park and go back via Potsdams Central Station (Potsdam Hauptbahnhof).

Note: The „Wassertaxi“ has no fix timetable, so you might end up waiting a bit. (or a bit longer)

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